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EAMWare - Shouldn't it just work?


EAMWare is an Enterprise Asset Management software company that provides software consulting services to get your enterprise mangement software online and working for you with experience and agility.

EAMWare is using our decades of Enterprise Asset Management consulting skills to develop a new to market Asset Mangement solution that will incorporate the features and functionality that you need but have not been able to get in a single solution.

EAMWare will be releasing modules to the market as they are released by our developers and testers for production.

Why do we say "Shouldn't it Just Work?"?

For the same reasons you say it. "Shouldn't it Just Work? We just paid $5000 a seat for it. We've been in development for 12 months now. "Would you send us a copy of your database and we'll have level 2 support look at it". What do you mean the fix pack broke more than it fixed? We're on the same page, aren't we? Shouldn't it Just Work?

That's why we are building the EAMWare product from the ground up. It will give you control over your system again. You will be able to customize your screens and your business rules without having a $300 an hour consultant from some OEM holding you up at gun point. Wasn't that what you thought when you originally bought the product? We've heard the story many times. I mean $5000 a seat? What?

If your company would like to become a beta tester or act in an advisitory role to EAMWare contact us here.