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EAMWare Enterprise Asset Management software company brings many decades of combined Asset Management experience to help your business get what you need from your asset management information system.

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    Data conversion is more than converting your data from one system to another. It's also making sure your data is complete and accurate.

    Your data may be stored in a mechanics tool box, in a planners Microsoft Access database, in a financial analyists spreadsheet, on an OEM's website or in the asset's maintenance manual, or in the the corporate ERP or procurement system; where ever it is that data is a key to providing total clear visibility of your assets.

    EAMWare will work with your employees to discover your data locations, load it into our conversion database, and perform an analsys on it. First we will validate that it is consistant to itself, that multiple records do not exist for the same asset and if they do which one is correct. From this data we will develop specious data lists that we will review with you and make appropriate plans for field verification.

    We will then make sure that language is consistant, that verbage is standardized to make the most sense to your organization so that when you are searching for data you know what to search for. You may call a direct expansion air conditioning unit a DX unit where others don't, let's get that consistant and make the data useful.

    If maintenance plans are available they should be converted. This may require an administrative person at a keyboard, transfering that information from a physical manual to your asset management system or if the data is available electronically there will be other options.

    Data conversion can include developing bill of materials for maintenance activites or making sure part numbers, catalog numbers, and manufacture part numbers are in place to accurately understand your storerooms and supply chain. It can include making sure your vendor and manufacture lists are consistant; that IBM and International Busiess Machine are the same vendor if that's true and if so that there is only one record used for them.

    EAMWare consultants have converted hundreds of systems, standardizing nomenclature, making sure data is complete and accurate, scrubbing data against multiple data sources, and field verifying it when needed. EAMWare is ready to make sense of your data.