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EAMWare - Shouldn't it just work?


EAMWare Enterprise Asset Management software company brings many decades of combined Asset Management experience to help your business get what you need from your asset management information system.


    Accurate and complete asset demographics is a key on which maintenance and reliability strategies are developed. Maintenance planning, supply chain management, Reliability Centered Management, and enterprise asset management all require accurate asset information. With inaccurate and/or incomplete foundational data companies don’t have the information needed to make either tactical or stratigic decisions.

    Accurate and complete asset data is the basis of a robust warranty management program and ignoring that can take budget away from troublsome assets that pose a risk to your plant or operations.

    Companies have asset information, but its not often collected or organized. An individual asset has nameplate data physically attached, its location information shown on the original construction plans, relationships are described in configuration management documents, and warranty information in a filing cabinet, in the purchasing system, or a planners spreadsheet.

    Asset information management is always important, but especially when a new plant is built, when a new software application is implemented, when due-diligence is performed related to an aquisition or merger, when investigating a catestrophic failure, or when executives want to evaluate changes in a companies maintenance strategy.

      Asset Information – What Is It?

    • Asset name plate data
    • Asset physical location
    • Associated engineering artifacts
    • Waranty Information, Photos, OEM maintenance recommendations


      Why You Need It:

    • Helps define asset hierarchy and structure
    • Clearly defines asset assembly structures and part information
    • Lets plant personnel associate parts with specific BoM’s

    • Aids in spare parts stocking levels and parts list identification
    • Aids in inventory management and control
    • Aids in designing your maintenance planning and complinance program
    • Provides an opurtunity for implementing contemporary tagging such as RFID



    Experts Who Know Assets

    Effective asset information management depends on the skill and knowledge of the individuals collecting and organizing the data. EAMWare uses people who understand plant operations, maintenance, and supply chain from personal experience. EAMWare consultants will locate and identify most assets because they know what they are looking for from experience. This approach provides you more accurate and more complete information faster and at less cost.

    Data Transfer Software

    EAMWare consultants know how to structure asset data in a manner that the data can be transferred for use by your Asset Management System.

    We uses a proven methodology to collect, organize, and transfer asset information. This methodology uses hand-held data-collection devices that are with the technicial at the time of data input; there is no dual entry.

    EAMWare uses iPads or ruggedized tablets to collect your data to provide a “turn-key” solution. Consultants will arrive with hand-held units appropriate to the specific situation. They can either use our prebuilt data collection input screens or build custom ones. Data will then be tested for data integrity and downloaded into the associated application tables.

    Every successful maintenance and reliability improvement program requires accurate and complete asset information. Our methodology and technology make this process easy and low cost. Get prepared for improved maintenance and reliability.