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Information Systems projects can get out of hand quickly without a sound implementation methodology, knowledge of the program goals, clear expectations, flawless execution, continous communication, and appropriate training. EAMWare is experiecened in both large scale and minor implementations and will act as your independent guide to shepard your employees, contractors, and resources through the life cycle of the implementation.

An EAMWare Implementation will help:

  • Introduce all the capabilities of your new software quicker
  • Control implementation costs and schedules during every phase
  • Reduce complexity and save time and money
  • Get a faster return on your investment
  • Give you input every step in the process

Our D5 implementation metodology of "Document your requirement", "Design an architecture", "Develop your solution", "Disseminate information using a sound communications plan" and "Deploy your vision" is a structured approach to implementing an entirely new information system or upgrading and existing one.


EAMWare will document your vision of the project, we will document the system and interface requirements, the data conversion requirements, the schedule, and the budget. Each artifact produced will be approved by you or you delegate of authority and will be stored for reference on your project's Microsoft Office SharePoint Foundations site that we set up and maintain for the project. We recommend that every major effort start with an EAMWare Sure Launch Workshop ® to understand your vision and plan the entire project.


EAMWare will design a network and server architure to support your system including Disaster Recovery and back up and recovery environmnets and procedures if required, an interface architecture and mapping to include types of interfaces, frequency, and technology, we will design tactical, operational, and stratigic reports and business intelligence, application screens and applications rules, and your network, database, and applicaiton security


EAMWare will convert the documented designs and technical specifiations into a working system ready to be tested by both your technical team and user community. We will perform unit testing as development progresses, user testing with your key users, and system integration testing with all interfaced systems and applicaitons.


EAMWare will keep your workforce informed and prepare them for up coming changes. Each project implemented by EAMware includes a web site that is maintained so that users will know what to expect and when. Each functional or operational group will be trained. We recommend a train the trainer approach so that once the project is complete you are left with skilled resources that are throughout your organization that can keep you running smoothly.


EAMWare will deploy the implemented system once all sign offs and approvals are in place. This will usually take place over a weekend depending on the complexibility and size of the implementation. Once you are in production we will be there for you and your user community for support and troubleshooting.