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This is EAMWare an Enterprise Asset Management software company building a better asset management system from the ground up for your asset intensive business.

EAMWare Inc is developing an advanced data driven Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) application for enterprise asset life cycle optimization and management. EAMWare enables owners to optimize their strategic capital and human assets across their enterprise. The EAMWare application will manage every stage of an owner’s assets life cycles from demand modeling, procurement, storage and warehousing, stock optomization, sustainment and repair, through sales or retirement, and disposal. EAMWare is developed to be a highly tailorable suite of modules to meet the needs of many industries. EAMWare is delivered with the same EAMWare development environment used by EAMWare developers.

So, unlike the your competition that purchased their asset management software with the intent of molding their business to the industry standard processes enforced by the software vendor, the EAMWare owner has the ability to mold the application to their unique operations as well as their business practices to industry standards. EAMWare is being developed modularly and will be released incrementally as modular applications are are accepted out of Quality.