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EAMWare - Shouldn't it just work?


This is EAMWare an Enterprise Asset Management software company.

Parts Catalog Searchable Parts Catalog and parts specifications
Inventory Balances Maintain your inventory by Storeroom, Row, Rack, Shelf, and Bin
Shelf Life Material Maintain your shelf life and lotted material by expiration date and lots
Serialized Inventory Track calibration, warranties, issues, and transfers of serialized parts
Packing and Shipping Create explict packing and shipping instructions for your specialized inventory
Kitting Kit your customer orders and release it in a batch or when available
Wholesale and Retail Sales Use the same management system to maintain your storeroom as you do your store front
Discount Management Set up customer discounts using any criteria and assign specific periods of performance
Forecasting Forecast future requirements based on historical data, anticipated orders, or scheduled events
Forward Stocking Locations Manage forward stocking locations and rebalance inventories when needed