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EAMWare - Shouldn't it just work?


The Mission of EAMWare is to provide you with knowledgeable technical resources that listen to you and understands your needs, your schedule, and your budget and to take that understanding and to give you recommendations that will enhance your asset management program.

EAMWare consultants have successfully implemented enterprise asset management systems in many environments, for many customers, for many classes of assets. Every company has a different philosophy regarding assets, so we first listen. We will provide insight from our experience that may help shape your approach and vision; but at the end of the day it's your vision we will implement

EAMWare will bridge the gap between your skilled labor and management and the technical specifications, knowledge, and skill required to implement a complex management system.

EAMWare offers you:

System Implementation and Technical Services - project planning and management; data conversion, migration, cleansing and validation; application configuration and change management; procedure, process, and work instruction development; application and technology training; application integration; report and business intelligence development and implementation; electronic workflow and process development; server, network, storage and infrastructure recommendations and set up; application and add on installation; application technical and end user help desk support.

Mobile Computing – Mobile, bar coding, and RFID solutions that extend the capabilities of asset management investment and provides a rapid return on your investment.

Business Transformation Consulting - assists in maximizing the performance of processes while reducing functional costs; organization and operational assessments; systems architectural and requirements definition; work, asset and supply-chain process review; target all low-value transactional activities for streamlining, automation or elimination, freeing funds for improvements that create business value.

Field Services – Field data collection and asset audits; maintenance procedure development; bar code and RFID tagging.