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EAMWare Enterprise Asset Management software company brings many decades of combined Asset Management experience to help your business get what you need from your asset management information system.


    Total asset visibility is more than knowing the status of your assets. It is understanding what is likely to happen to them based on trends and history. It is knowing how much they cost your business to operate and maintain. It is seeing how they have been maintained and what condition they are in. It is realizing how a vendor missing his delivery date is going to affect the repair that affects your production. If you have an enterprise asset management system then you probably already have the data or the ability to collect the data that can provide you total asset visibility..

    Reporting from your enterprise asset management system is almost as important as the system itself. Reporting can have one of the highest return on investment of any other enhancement you could make to your asset management system. Reporting and business intelligence makes the data you collect useful by allowing you to view all aspects of your assets with customizable online reports, and it allows you to analyze program data at every level from a broad company overview to a detailed analysis of one department, specific event, cost or asset.

    EAMWare online reporting development delivers data that represents the latest in supply chain, maintenance, and asset management business intelligence, providing deep, actionable insight into your business. Your company can access the data you need, when you need it, to uncover new savings opportunities, trends, actions, and track progress towards your program goals.

    At EAMWare, our expert report writers will work closely with you either during implementation of your application or as a standalone project. They will assist in identifying, designing, developing and deploying the reports that are right for your business. EAMWare specializes in reporting tools like BIRT, MS-Access, Crystal Reports, Actuate, SQR, and SQL Server Reporting Services.

    - EAMWare is experienced with upgrading Maximo reports from SQR to Actuate or Actuate to BIRT.
    - EAMWare can develop reporting in SQL Server Reporting Services and deliver them through Microsoft SharePoint to reduce the cost of your IBM Maximo licenses.
    - EAMWare can implement data warehousing or data repositories and complete Business Analytics so you can drill into your data through your dashboard or key performance indicator.
    - EAMWare can set up electronic alerts and report delivery

    We use a copy of Microsoft's report design specification template to collect your report requirements, you can download a copy of it here.