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EAMWare Enterprise Asset Management software company brings many decades of combined Asset Management experience to help your business get what you need from your asset management information system.



    EAMWare offers:

    [-] Technical Implementation Services

    You have the plan, the software, the data, and the functional team in place, but need technical support to implement your Enterprise Asset Management vision and EAMWare has the technically skilled people to support your company. EAMWare consultants have work in both the functional and technical sides of asset management so there is no language barriers between your maintenance staff and our programmers and analysts. We will sit down with you, understand your vision and goals, and then propose the right resources to implement in budget and schedule. Read more here.

    [-] Project Management Services

    Information Systems projects can get out of hand quickly without a sound implementation methodology, knowledge of the program goals, clear expectations, flawless execution, continous communication, and appropriate training. EAMWare is experiecened in both large scale and minor implementations and will act as your independent guide to shepard your employees, contractors, and resources through the life cycle of the implementation.

    Our D5 implementation metodology of "Document your requirement", "Design an architecture", "Develop your solution", "Disseminate information using a sound communications plan" and "Deploy your vision" is a structured approach to implementing an entirely new information system or upgrading and existing one. Read more here.

    [-] Inventory, Asset Survey, and Data Collection Services

    Regardless of the quality of software implementation the data that comes out of it is only as good as the data that goes into it. Starting your asset management journey off with good data is key to having good data to make sound business decissions from. EAMWare can assist you with in field labor to collect both inventory and field asset data. We have developed tools to collect asset attributes and quantities so that you can develop reasonable maintenance plans and budgets. Read more here.

    [-] Data Conversion Services

    It's often the case that an organization has a legacy asset management application, sometimes a mainframe, sometimes just Microsoft Access or Excel spreadsheets. Getting this data into your new asset mangement system is not only complicated, it is also key to getting you moving forward in the least amount of time possible. EAMWare has developed scripts and tools to convert your data and then validate it's integrity. Read more here.

    [-] Software and Hardware Upgrade Services

    Both software and hardware upgrades can impact your business. End of life systems can cost your organization productivity and cause serious information security concerns. Read more here.

    [-] Mobile Computing, Handhelds, Barcoding, and RFID Implementation

    Few upgrades have the fast Return on Investment as does mobile computing. Bar coding and RFID technologies not only make your workers more efficient and effective they also vastly improve the quality of your data. Read more here.

    [-] Asset Management Audit and Consulting Services

    Your business may not be asset management, you only have assets to support your business. EAMWare's business is asset management we live and breath it, we strive to understand the pros and cons of every detail. EAMWare's passion can act as a second set of eyes looking at your organization or at an individual process in your organization. Read more here.