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EAMWare - Shouldn't it just work?


EAMWare Enterprise Asset Management software company brings many decades of combined Asset Management experience to help your business get what you need from your asset management information system.



    Planning for your implementation, a major upgrade, or a reorganization is one of the primary keys to success. Defining your expectations, identifying the customers and team involved, laying out boundries to the statement of work, developing data mappings, and all of the other details that are involved in a major project takes dedicated time and participation.

    An EAMWare Sure Launch Workshop ® brings your domain expertise, your shop technicians, your engineers, your supervision, administration, and mangement together with our project management and technical experts to discuss and plan your upgrade or implementation. If you can get your resources out of their normal environment, away from the distractions of activities then the best minds in your organization can make the best plans with some overview training and structured approach from us.

    EAMWare recommends an off-site location for the Sure Launch Workshop ®. Even if that is not possible in your environment the elements of the workshop should be accomplished regardless of location. As the leader of your organization your participation, leadership, and example will be a key in setting the tone for your organization, showing the importance that you place on your project, and encouraging others to do likewise.

    The Sure Launch Workshop ® should start with an executive statement of your vision for the project and your expectation of the working team. Your vision should articulate your expected results, the teams expected dedication and commitment to the project, and should address the budget, and schedule. The team will develop plans and tasks utilizing your vision as our guide. If you can't participate in the workshop then we'll request that you come back at critical times when exectutive decisions need making and then again at the end of the workshop to have the results presented for your approval.

    Some of the things we will cover in the workshop are:

    • Version of software we are installing and it's pros and cons
    • System capabilities training
    • Modules to be utilized and Scope
    • Hardware for development, test, and production
    • Data Conversion, Cleansing, Verification, and Validation
    • Electronic workflows and notifications
    • Reports, Key Performance Indicators, and Business Intelligence
    • User and System Administrator Training
    • System Documentation
    • Schedule and System Engineering Reviews and Gates
    • Team Composition and Leaders
    • System Integration
    • Add ons and tools
    • Phase In with Block Point Releases vs. All at Once
    • User Interface Changes
    • User Approval to move to Production

    If your team is new to the application we will start with application training to make the workshop useful and to get the most from it possible. If the project is an upgrade then we will usually only need to review the changes from the version that you are currently using.

    An EAMWare Sure Launch Workshop ® is an excellent way to know that your vision is understood and that plans to implement it are developed accordingly.